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Are you a banking-professional -student or any other kind of person that is seriously into banking?
Here I put my little (and still far from complete) list of Banking and Finance Links that I found useful when you do research on a certain topic or simply look for good resources for news, articles, etc..
This site is completely non-commercial. So, if you know a link that could perhaps be of interest, please let me know. :o)

The aim of these pages is to provide links to really complete and efficient to access content. It is structured by content (papers, articles+mags) not by sources.
So, e.g. a famous uni that does not provide any complete papers on the web or a well known newspaper that does not provide a special banking or finance section is not listed here.

Know a missing Link?

This little collection is not almost complete. If you know about a helpful link, please let me know. Thanks! :o) You can send your hint by email or guestbook.

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