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Link of the Month: Default Risk
Quite comprehensive Portal. Research, Links, Books, ...
Link des Monats: Basel II
Umfassendes und aktuelles Themenportal der Österreichischen Nationalbank.
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2004-05-24 Update
After a longer break, here we go again: ÖNB-Basel II, Forex-Markets, MaK, , plus some newbies in the 'More Links' section
2004-02-01 Update
The first updates this year: Online Economic Textbooks, Six Sigma, Enterprise-Risk, Statistics Textbook Online, IBM - Financial services,, ...
2003-12-03 Update
Today's Top Updates: EVAnomics, Excel-Inside, Global Securitisation, Risk-World, Products: Kordoba, Organisations: D.I.R.K.
2003-11-03 Update
Today's Top Updates: Mark to Future, Risk Metrics, C.R. Harvey's Glossary, FMEA, Organisations: IGTA IIF, ... I also tidied up the List a bit - the dropped out Links can be found here
2003-10-03 Update
Today's Top Updates: Riskbook, MIT, Eng Statistics, Banktech-Products, Bildungsverlag-Aktuell, Euroland-Börse, Organisations: PRMIA Financial-Professionals Schuldnerberatung e.V., ...
2003-09-03 Update
Today's Top Updates: Controller-Spielwiese, Basel II, Default Risk, Bankruptcy Laws, History of Economic Schools, Organisations: IAFE ISDA, Nobel e Museum - Economics, ...
2003-08-01 Update
Today's Top Updates: Wallstreet Research Net, Risk Lab - Institute, AK Insolvenzrecht, Nano-Invest, Uni Tübingen - Bankwirtschaft, ...
2003-07-02 Update
Today's Top Updates: CATO Institute, Insiderdaten, Börsen-Lexikon, Wikipedia Economics, ENDRIC-Links, ABA Banking-Online, OnVista, Riskglossary, Payment Solutions, ...
2003-06-01 Update
Today's Top Updates: Zinsrisiko, Versicherung@Internet, NBER, Economic & Institutional Data, UNCTAD, Treasury Mgmt Pages, Calculators, Portfolio-Tool, NetEc-Papers, Midas WebDBs, Islamic Banking, ...
2003-05-16 Update
Today's Top Updates: EurasiaNet, Bobsguide, Börsenschule24, Uni Brunel, eltee-Trading, Fuzzy-Tales, Deardorff's Glossary, FX Markets, ...
2003-04-20 Update
New Layout and Structure. New Links will follow soon.
2003-02-20 Update
Misc. updates in Research- and News-Area like Nouriel Roubini's, Börsen-Termine, Financial Calculators, EURIBOR, Banking in Scotland, etc.
2003-01-05 Update
Large update in enablers-area, research-area restructured and enhanced: Information Services, Software Products, Banking-Institutions, etc.
2002-12-03 Update
Just added many new tax- and some nonbanking-links. Removed the guestbook due to permanent tech problems. Please send contributions by mail only.
2002-10-19 Update
Many new links. Special thanks to all contributors. Try e.g. DB-Research, Business Dynamics Links, Stockbot, EAI Forum, NZZ, CFA-Center, Ralf Heimann, Free Management Libary, etc.
2002-09-03 Update
Just added lots of research links, like R.Wagner's site, Bankazubi, Hausarbeiten, Krisennavigator, Uni Dresden, etc.. Also 2 new news-links on Insurance for consumers. Enjoy!

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